The Workers damage the wood,, Soldier termites protect the colony and the queen lays eggs. During the Spring Male and Female 'elates' swarm
Termites control moisture in the colony by using 'mud tubes' Damage in your home can be extensive if left untreated.
Inspection for Subterranean Termites

Termite damage is located by probing wood with a screwdriver, ice pick or knife. Premier will look for mud tubes and the activity of swarmers. Our qualified professional inspectors inspect the exterior and interior surfaces of the foundation, particularly construction where wood is on or near the soil. Mud tubes are solid evidence of termite activity. Other sites requiring inspection are:

a.wood construction in basement and crawl space (if present);
b.sills, joists, support posts, basement window frames, wood under porches;
c.hollow blocks, cracks in the cement or brick construction and expansion joints; and
d.scrap wood on ground, old tree stumps, fence posts, and exterior frames of basement windows.

The inspector will determine if termites are active or not, how old the damage may be, and if chemical treatment is necessary.

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